We know how important a pet is to your family, we also know our pets are not always the easiest to administer medication too. Luckily here at Med Solutions Compounding Pharmacy we have several ways to get your pet to take medicine and enjoy it at the same time!!



Compounded Dosage Forms include: Chewable treats, Creams, Lotions, Medicated Biscuits, Non-Aqueous Suspensions, Ointments, Ophthalmic Preparations, Oral Pastes, Oral Suspensions, Otic Suspensions, Rectal Suppositories, Sterile Injections, Sugar-Free Formulations and Transdermal Gels.


Try some flavoring on your pets oral medication, we have plenty to choose from!


Flavors include: Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Sardine, Salmon, Peanut Butter, Molasses, Chocolate, Cheese, Cod Liver Oil, Peanut Butter, Raspberry and Strawberry.



There are Plenty more flavors to choose from also!!



We are excited to offer veterinarians numerous products that are not commercially available at very competitive rates. Our goal is to work with practices to help enhance and improve patient care. Our pharmacy has state of the art equipment which enables us to customize medications based on specific patients needs. We use innovative methods to enhance delivery systems.



Example's of our compounded products include: 


Transdermal Gels



Transdermal gels usually work better for cats then dogs because they have thinner skin where the gel needs to be applied. The gel will be applied to the inner ear and will be absorbed systemically, this also helps ensure your pet gets the accurate dose!


Transdermal gel is also edible, so you could turn your pets medicine into a tastey treat by adding flavoring & applying dose on their paw & letting them lick it off!

We can incorporate many medications a into transdermal gel making it easier for pet owners to administer medications especially if you have a pet that has a hard time swallowing medications. Several agents can be combined into one to treat different ailments, which cuts down on causing stress to your pet.



BTTGK Otic Drops


This preparation includes several agents: Baytril, Tetracaine, Triamcinolone, Gentamicin & Ketoconazole, to help the patient deal with bacterial and fungal infections in addition to inflammation and pain.




Cosmo is one of our patients who has benefited from using BTTGK Otic Drops after his ears had become inflamed & infected!

NTB Otic Ointment (Baytril, Ketoconazole & Triamcinolone Ointment)


NTB Ointment stays in animals ears for an extended period of time making compliance easy. It includes: Baytril, Ketoconazole & Triamcinolone.


Ringworm Spray


This spray is an easy and convenient way to apply medication to the affected animal. It provides anti-fungal treatment using Miconazole, anesthetic relief using Lidocaine & Betamethasone valerate to combat inflammation.


IV Chemotherapy


Medications are customized in dosage and strength and prepared using strict sterile technique. They are dispensed in ready to use containers making them safer, easier to handle and more convenient to veterinary staff. 


Based on each individual patients needs many customized treatment regimens can be made in our facility.


Make sure your furry friend stays healthy while enjoying their medicine and come to Med Solutions Compounding Pharmacy, our goal is to work with our patients veterinarians and owners to customize every prescription to ensure maximum effect and compliance!!