Treatment of the Diabetic Foot Ulcer:


An effective and economical treatment of the Diabetic Foot Ulcer consisting of Misoprostol, Phenytoin, and Nifedipine can be compounded in two different gels. In additon, Metronidazole cream can be added if the foot is infected or there is a presence of odor. The use of these combined agent results in an increase in the blood flow, promototion of granulation, acceleration of  the healing process and when using Metronidazole, the prevention or elimination of foot infection. Here is how each of these drugs works :




                   * Counters inflammation

                   * Provides some antimicrobial properties

                   * Promotes granulation in wound




                   * Blocks calcium channels thereby decreasing vascular tone and increasing blood flow




                    * Accelerates wound healing




                    * Prevents and helps eliminate infection


Since these drugs are incoporated into a gel or cream, their side effects are less than their oral route counterparts. The topical application maximizes the local effect and minimizes the systemic side effects.

Examples of Diabetic Food Ulcer Compounds include Misoprostol 0.0024% and Phenytoin 3-5% Gel,

Nifedipine 5-10% Gel, and Metronidazole 2-3% Cream.


Treatment of Diabetic Foot Neurapathy:


Our experience shows that the combination of Baclofen, Gabapentin, amitriptyline, and Ketoprofen in a variety of customized concentrations are very useful when incorporated in a transdermal gel to relieve the pain associated with Diabetic Foot Neurapathy.



We work closely with patients and their prescribers to tailor make compounds not commercially available to treat difficult cases of Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Diabetic Foot Neurapathy. Our pharmacist is always helpful in educating the patient, monitoring the treatment, and making recomendations to the physician.