Welcome to our "Compounding Only" pharmacy. Our goal is to optimize pharmaceutical therapy and find solutions for patients through the preparation of tailor-made prescriptions. We take pride in the fact that we make the "medication fit the patient" instead of making the patient fit the medication. We are dedicated to searching medical literature to find medically necessary pharmaceutical solutions unavailable commercially. To help us achieve our goal, our pharmacy was built from the ground up as an compounding only pharmacy.

Our pharmaceutical therapy success stems from the use of the "Triangle Relationship", which is a close relationship between pharmacist, patient and physician. We have a state of the art laboratory with a class 10 sterile environment enabling us to prepare superior sterile products. A class 10 sterile environment is 10 times stricter/cleaner than USP 797 Federal Guidelines.


We can incorporate different drug delivery systems with our compounds to ensure patient compliance and help with ease of administration. We can simplify any drug regimen by combining several medications, when possible, into one dose. Our pharmacists and technicians have the knowledge and expertise to improve the taste, texture and delivery system to individualize pediatric and veterinary medications and also make them more appropriate for the patient's weight, age and personal preferences. For our pediatric patients  and pets/animals medications can be made into several different forms. (please see our pediatric & veterinary pages for More details!)


Our pharmacists have more than 20 years Compounding experience and they derive an utmost self satisfaction from being challenged and utilized in their field of expertise! All our technicians are Nationally Certified and have over 10 years experience working in several different areas of pharmacy. Together our team can offer you and your family the safety and knowledge of knowing you are dealing with people who have the expertise, knowledge and truely care about helping solve your medical issues.


Unlike many retail pharmacies busy filling hundreds of regular prescriptions daily and are unable to prepare some medications due to lack of equipment, chemicals, expertise or time; our pharmacy fills far fewer prescriptions daily allowing us the time to spend counseling our patients and monitoring their drug therapy.



We also are a preceptor for students from Wingate University and Forsyth Technical Community College in North Carolina.



As an added benefit to our patients & clients we offer shipping for ALL prescriptions

Regular shipping $5.00

Cold shipping $10.00

Overnight shipping $35.00


To save yourself time & money

Sign up for AUTO REFILL & we will WAIVE the shipping fee & have your prescription delivered to you at home. No need to call in or drive to the pharmacy!!


Get a 3 month supply of your prescription filled & SAVE 20%







Have a seat in our modern waiting area and            Hytham Mouna's certificate from Wingate

help yourself to a free drink while                       University, certifying Med Solutions Compounding

your prescriptions are being made!!                       as an official preceptor for the University.








We truly look forward to showing you the difference we can offer!!