Only compounding pharmacists who are tested in sterile aseptic technique can prepare injections or drops for the eye. We have state of the art class 10 sterile enviornment that allows us to maintain the sterility for such compounds. 

Avastin (bevacizumab) for Macular Degeneration  


Superb isolation barrier technology generating a class 10 sterile environmnet is used by our pharmacists to compound desired doses ranging from 1.25mg/0.05mL to 2.5mg/0.1mL. Each dose is individualy placed in 1 mL polypropylene tuberculin syringe whcih contains at least 0.05mL overfill so that when a 30-gauge needle is placed on the syringe and the plunger is advanced, all the dead space contains the drug. Because the syringes are filled in a sterile environment, an expiration date of 14 days when protected from light and stored in a refrigerator is appropriate. Even though numerous case studies have shown that Avastatin (bevacizumab) was at least as effective as Lucentis (ranizumab), its use in treating AMD is considered to be an FDA off-label.





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